What tubing are your frames made from?

Singulars use Taiwan made custom drawn double and triple butted (for main tubes) 4130 chrome-moly steel. While not a ‘name brand’ tube-set – they are made by the same folks as make many of the names you might recognise. Using this tubing provides the flexibility to define exactly what tube profiles are used for each frame and each size – rather than being restricted to what the major brands offer. It also helps keep our frames keenly priced.

  • Where are your Steel frames made?

    Our frames are designed in the UK and made by a family owned and operated factory in Taiwan of over 30 years standing. They are specialists in the production of steel frames only and produce high end frames for many well known brands.

  • What about the Titanium ones?

    Similarly, our titanium frames are designed here in the UK and fabricated by a small specialist titanium builder in Taiwan.

What length bottom bracket axle do I need?

Most of our production frames use a British threaded bottom bracket shell in a width of either 68 or 73mm (100mm for the Puffin). Required bottom bracket axle length is dependent on crank type and required chain line. You should consult with the manufacturer or supplier of your cranks to determine what is correct. As a general rule you will not be able to fit road cranks to any of our frames designed for off-road use with the exception of the Peregrine and Kite cyclocross/gravel frames.

Are any other colours available?

All frames offered in one standard colour scheme only. 

Replacement downtube decals and headbadges are also available should you wish to arrange your own re-finishing. Please contact us for further details.